About Me

IMG_2138“I have some food in my bag for you.

Not that edible food, the food you eat??

No. I have some food for thought.

Since knowledge is infinite it has infinitely fell on me.”

~Erykah Badu, Appletree

I believe that knowledge is contagious and should be shared and passed around until everyone is infected by the light. Too deep? Well how about this. Food By Nikole was spun from my passion to be a source of inspiration, light, and a safe haven for friends and family to truly express themselves.

Through this journey thus far I’ve been blessed to absorb so many experiences, hear stories, and exchange energies. It has catapoltated me into this desire to form connections on a larger scale. I want to share and inspire and I believe this is the place to do it.

I live off the principle that souls need to be nourished. Not just by edible food, although that is extremely important but through people, experiences, and love.

It is my soul’s mission this journey with you and I hope that one day you will be inspired to do the same.

Love & Light.


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